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iZone Networks was established in 2004, is an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) that serves home & businesses with a product suite of broadband access, Hosting, Colocation, and more. We began from a desire to consolidate many network options into one. Our experience has been when starting a new company or finding a new network provider, it becomes a challenge to find all the needs in one company. It might take searching 20 different companies to find the right one. By using iZone Networks, you will have the time you need to be more effective and competitive by letting us be your one-stop voice and data provider. Through iZone Networks you can obtain the best hosting, Voice, and Data in the industry. With the highest quality possible because we constantly stay up to date with the latest and best technology at the right price.

Data Center Info

The facility has at least N + 1 redundancy for every system and network, 24/7 security and monitoring, the highest number of level 2 & 3 engineers in the region, and direct Internet connectivity to diverse backbones via a dual gigabit network.

Data Center Fact Sheet

    Facility Specifications
  • 10,000 sq ft raised floor space
  • 15,000 sq ft total space
  • 24" raised floor environment with 1,500 pounds per square foot load capacity
  • Designed to withstand hurricanes, seismic activity, and flooding
    Security Specifications
  • Multi-layered security architecture
  • Biometric hand scanners with mantrap
  • High density interior and exterior surveillance cameras
  • 24/7 security and monitoring
    Power Specifications
  • N + N redundant electrical design and distribution
  • Redundant 20 amp circuits for each rack and cabinet
  • Four 500 kVA UPS units
  • Automatic switching from primary to back up power supply
  • 2 MW Caterpillar generator that can run indefinitely plus plug in capability for second generator
    Environmental Specifications
  • 300 tons of cooling capacity for the data center with N + 1 redundancy
  • Dry pipe, dual interlocked with preaction fire protection system
  • 24/7 monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems including generator, UPS, PDU, ATS, HVAC, security and fire protection
    Network Specifications
  • Direct, loop-free access to multiple Tier-1 carriers
  • Redundant Tier-1 and local Internet access
  • Dual 1 GB links to Level 3 and dual OC-3 links to Savvis
  • All Cisco network

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