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Voice + Internet (Voice Duet):

  • Our VoIP service is carrier-class, not voice over the public Internet. This allows iZone Networks to provide true business class service.
  • Our VOIP service anticipated FCC and regulatory changes and addresses E911, SS7, Telecom Taxes
  • Owning our network facilities means that we can offer a business-class quality of service (QoS) as opposed to resellers that have no control over QoS
  • Unique SDSL platform combines with recent changes in telecom regulations leaves us with a “low cost provider” advantage
  • We’ve learned the hard install and service lessons needed to provide high-quality VoIP services

Vonage vs. iZone Networks Duet:

The Offer:
  • Keep your existing phone system and phone numbers
  • Professional installation included
  • 2 to 16 phone lines
  • Unlimited local & regional calling
  • Unlimited long-distance
  • High-speed business-class broadband via SDSL or T1
  • Premium calling features
  • Friendly, knowledgeable representatives
  • 30 Business Day Installation Period

How it Works:

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